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Making an impact is hard

Each day you’re working to make a difference. There’s just a lot to get done. To have a meaningful impact it can be easy to feel overloaded or like you’re just spinning your wheels.

We’re always growing as leaders and leadr.design is a space to learn the art of leadership.

We work with you to design solutions, frameworks, and habits that allow you to focus on what’s important. You become free to take a long-term high-impact approach.

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Leadership isn’t a journey you should take alone. What if you had someone to come alongside you? We provide coaching to help you reach your vision, lead others and grow as a leader.

Multiply Light Bulb Moments

It’s easy to feel stuck or have an obstacle and not be sure how to begin to overcome it. We can lead your team through workshops for discovery, ideation, problem-solving, and solution testing.

Scale Your Impact

What if it took the same amount of work to engage and serve 100 people as it would for 10? Let’s map out your workflows and processes and then adapt them in order to impact others at scale.

Co-Create Transformative Experiences

Moments and interactions create experiences and experiences transform people and culture. We work with you to shape journeys and experiences for your audience that help to maximize your impact.

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Why Priority is Critical in the Design of a Leader

If you're not prioritizing, then you're not leading. Identifying what is priority and orienting yourself and others around it is essential work for any leader.

Aligned group of pens

Why Alignment is so Important to Leader Design

Aligning with your priorities and how you’ve been designed will be your highest ROI as a growing leader.

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You Should Consider Proximity Essential to Your Leader Design

Who you spend time with will shape you as a leader. Your leadership community can be your leadership super power.

Contrasting colors

You Need Contrast to Grow as a Leader

Contrast cultivates empathy in us as leaders. Everyone has a role to play. If you’re only around people like yourself, you won’t grow.

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How to Use Negative Space in Your Design as a Leader

As a leader, we often feels like our work is never done; there is always more. We usually don’t need more. We need less.

Building with Rhythm

Rhythm is Critical for the Longterm Health of a Leader

You need to establish a cadence of life to guide you. Embrace the rhythm you were designed for and allow it to orient your leadership journey.