learning the art of leadership

Leadership Resources

We can all use some help in our leadership journey.

And when it comes to resources, there's no reason to reinvent the wheel. I've included books, tools or articles I've personally found helpful. If you have questions or suggestions, reach out, I'd love to hear.


These are books I've read, usually more than once, and commonly recommend to leaders I coach.


As a leader you're often trying to grow professionally, collaborate with others and get stuff done all at the same time. These are the tools that are open on my computer everyday because they help me execute in my leadership.


Miro is the OG of online collaboration tools. It's a digital whiteboard that allows you to collaborate effectively with a distributed team.


ClickUp is an advanced but affordable project management tool that you can use from


Skillshare is an affordable learning platform when a light bent to design but still a very broad range of skills to learn.

Become an Agile Leader

In today's VUCA world, agility is essential. When you learn tools like user stories and acceptance criteria you can applying them to leadership at work or in everyday life.

Develop You Leadership Strengths

CliftonStrengths or StrengthsFinder delivers a model to better understand the complexity of talents and strengths in ourselves and others.

At the core of strengths psychology is the idea that we will see a more significant benefit by leveraging our strengths than improving our weaknesses.

That is why I love helping people discover how they have been created, recognizing their design and how it shapes them. Discovering and understanding your strengths allows you to see what is and could be possible.

Applying StrengthsFinder to your everyday leadership enables you and your team to bring your best contributions together.